127. Full-Service Indie Publishing

My guest is Julie Ann, who is the founder and CEO of Influence Publishing in British Columbia, Canada. She also hosts retreats for writers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she also lives. We talk about her own life story, as well as some of the aspects of her corner of publishing, with discussion of how hers differs and the current state of traditional publishing. 

126. A Toxicology Expert Writes a Sci-Fi Novel with a Twist

My guest is Alan Kolok, who is a professor at the University of Idaho and Director of the Idaho Water Resources Research Institute, based in Moscow, Idaho. He is an expert in toxicology and author of the Modern Poisons: A Brief Introduction to Contemporary Toxicology. He’s also author of the sci-fi novel Twist. We talk about poisons as well as making the transition from science to science fiction in writing. 

125. Clutter: The Messy Effects on Your Home and Your Emotions

My guest is Julie Coraccio. She is a professional organizer, who writes books and gives talks about the effects that go way beyond just having a messy home. Julie is based in Wheeling, West Virginia, and also hosts a podcast called Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out. We talk about clutter and the various reasons that some people can’t help themselves from doing it. Please listen. 

124. The State of the Arts, the State of the World

My guest is Doug MacLeod, who has a doctorate degree from SUNY Albany and is an associate professor at SUNY Cobleskill—teaching intercultural communication, script writing, visual media, cinema, mass media, literature and composition (the latter by using standup comedy). He has published widely as well, on topics as diverse as religion and Bonnie and Clyde. He lives in Cobleskill, New York, about 250 kilometres north of New York City. We talked about his many interests as an interdisciplinarian. 

123. Mental Health and Writing Poetry

My guest is Mercedes Killeen, who has extensive experience as a poet, a freelance writer and editor, and a digital marketer. She is based in the Niagara area in Ontario, Canada. Our conversation covers the theory of writing, the place of poetry in modern culture, and mental health, among other things. Please listen.

120. Getting Out of Your Head to Live with Anxiety

My guest is Brian Sachetta, who has published books about both anxiety and depression, and maintains a website and a blog. He also does personal coaching. We talk about his approach as well as the various other methods that are used to deal with these increasingly prevalent mental illnesses.