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236. Writing and Teaching and Learning about the World

My guest on today’s episode is Leigh Shulman, who writes and who teaches writing. She’s also led an interesting life, part of it instigated by 9/11, after which she left the US with her family and travelled.

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234. You Can Start It, Write It, and Finish It If …

On today’s episode Jennia D’Lima interviews Tim Vandehey about the book he’s co-written, Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don’t Finish What We Start. This is “You Can Start It, Write It, and Finish It If …,” episode 234 of the podcast.

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218. Getting Under Your Skin: A Conversation about Horror

My guest today is Miles Tritle. He is the writer and narrator of The Warning Woods, a podcast of horror stories. He’s also published two novels. We talk mostly about horror, though, not only examples of it but also how he defines it and what are its characteristics. Spoiler alert: he comes up with a pretty succinct definition of the genre.

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216. Simple Creative Copy, Creative Writing, and Life in General

My guest today is Stephanie Cansian. She runs a small copywriting agency called Say It Simply, but along the line she had an epiphany that affected both her work and her personal life, notably her emotional eating habits. She lost weight, became re-engaged in her work, wrote a book, and is now working on another book. It’s a fascinating and very open discussion.

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