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160. A Few More Words: “Sensitivity Readings”

I talk about the revision and censorship of books that are carried out so as to rid them of words and situations that are considered too sensitive for some in the politically correct and woke ethos that we all now inhabit.

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■ News stories about authors whose works have been subjected to sensitivity readings

– the James Bond books

– Agatha Christie's novels

– Roald Dahl's books

– an episode of Matt Taibbi's "Racket" podcast about sensitivity readings

– an article about sensitivity readings by CJ Hopkins in "OffGuardian"

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#68: censorship and woke cancellation, case 2

Wayne discusses the case of standup comedian Andrew Schulz. He bought his standup special back from Amazon for $1 million (his life's savings) after they requested that he delete some "wild" jokes about abortion. The special is now being shown as a pay-per-view event on July 17. Wayne is offering to pay the price of the show to the first 10 listeners who contact him. Email Text 613-884-8953.

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#67: censorship and woke cancellation, case 1

Pete Zaborszky is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded a privacy advocate organization, and now is the CEO and founder of He was born in Soviet Hungary, and grew up in both the UK and Hungary. Pete strongly believes in individual liberty and freedom of speech. This led him to create Retalk, a new social network for people frustrated with censorship. Retalk is built to encourage civil discussion. It is run by people who welcome conservative/right-wing and center-right views. I had an excellent conversation with Pete, who is smart and thoughtful at the same time as he is modest. Please listen.