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208. I’m Sure I Can Finish This without Cleaning the House First, Right?

My guest today is Cathy Perez. Among many other accomplishments and abilities, Cathy is a Worldwide Certified KonMari Organizing Consultant. We talk about organization, in the sense of being organized, and how the lack of it can have a real effect on how you feel and on how productive you are able to be. She provides information based on her training as well as on personal and professional experiences. Writers? Editors? Anyone? Is the mess around you stopping you from doing what you want to get done?


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125. Clutter: The Messy Effects on Your Home and Your Emotions

My guest is Julie Coraccio. She is a professional organizer, who writes books and gives talks about the effects that go way beyond just having a messy home. Julie is based in Wheeling, West Virginia, and also hosts a podcast called Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out. We talk about clutter and the various reasons that some people can’t help themselves from doing it. Please listen.