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213. In Fiction, Crime Can Pay and Be Funny, Too

hi, I’m Wayne Jones. Welcome to Writing & Editing, the podcast about books and language, for people who write, edit, read, or listen. My guest today is Tyler Schwanke, who’s a writer and filmmaker based in Minneapolis in the US. His debut novel Breaking In, which he calls a “comedic crime thriller,” was published earlier this year. In it, a young filmmaker uses her heist movie knowledge to pull off a real-life heist after a crooked Hollywood director steals her script. We talk about that, as well as about how he manages to write when he already has a full-time job, and also about the influence of film on his writing.

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212. Writing Across Genres in Fiction and Non

My guest today is Natasha Tynes. She is a Jordanian-American author and communications professional based in Washington, DC, and also hosts her own podcast as well. We talk about the various genres she works in, including They Called Me Wyatt, which she describes as a “speculative literary novel,” and also about her writing process.


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192. Not Just a Lesson, but Fun and Funny Too

My guest today is Steph Katzovi. She has a law degree, but she has spent most of her career as a speechwriter and strategic communications consultant. Now, though, she’s published a middle-grade novel about a girl who is away at camp when a hurricane comes. There are intentional life lessons in the book, and part of what I was interested in was how she maintained the balance between the book being an entertaining novel versus one full of wholesome lessons for kids.

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132. Multimedia from a Gay Love Story to Editing to Slasher Movies

My guest is Harker Jones (no relation), who provides a witty self-bio, but of whom I can say more newscastery, so to speak, that he’s an artist who works and has worked in many different media for a few decades now. He published the Amazon #1-bestselling gay love story called Until September. Harker has also written many screenplays, and directed and produced several short thrillers that have played at film festivals and won awards. Somewhere in there he also was managing editor or Out magazine for 7 years. In my conversation, he was modest and self-effacing about his many achievements. And as for his self-bio, I liked this best: “He’s a member of both the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and Mensa, loves cats and carbs and would like to be a one-hit wonder but would settle for being killed in a slasher movie.”