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179. Two Christians, One Atheist, and No Lyin’

My guests today are Susan Gabriel and Steven Eurioste. Susan runs a Christian publishing house with an eight-member team, including Steven. She’d contacted me about being a guest on the podcast, and I agreed as long as we could also talk about theism and atheism. She was amenable to that and brought along Steven as well. We don’t agree on much, but we have a good discussion.

Soul Sonshine

Susan Louise Gabriel

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87. Philosophy, Comedy, and the World’s Problems

My guest on this episode is John Gibbs, who’s a retired lecturer in cultural studies and US politics, as well as a podcaster on philosophy and popular culture. He and his fellow members of the Spinoza Triad like to use philosophy to understand contemporary culture. John also created and maintains the Politics Shed site, and hosts a Friday morning slot on Teachers Talk Radio. And to top it all off, he’s performed standup comedy, focusing on surreal storytelling.

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