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211. Editing Essentials 3: I’m Sorry, I’ll Need to See Some Proofs First

Welcome to Writing & Editing, the podcast about words and language, for people who write, edit, read, or listen. This is the third episode of the series called “Editing Essentials” that I’m doing with my co-host, Jennia D’Lima. Hi, I’m Jennia, a freelance editor based in Maryland. Wayne and I will be having open conversations about a whole range of editing topics that a writer at any level should know about editors and the editing process. Our plan is to do two of these per month, and ultimately combine them into a website and webinar that we would offer to listeners. Today’s topic is “I’m Sorry, I’ll Need to See Some Proofs First,” episode 211 of the podcast.

My guest on the next episode is Tyler Schwanke, who’s a recruiter in health care by day, and a writer even earlier in the day. He has a great novel out called Breaking In, and we talk about that, writing in general, and the influence of film on his style and content. That’s on Monday. Please join me.

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