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140. The Writing and Everything Else of Films for Young People

My guest is actor Mollie Leivars, who is also the owner of Spirit Productions, a film production company she founded in 2019 when she was only 15 years old. Beyond making films centred on issues about youth, she gives online classes for young people wanting to learn various aspects of filmmaking and acting. 

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#63: author interview – Dave Milbrandt, novels and screenwriting

Dave Milbrandt is the author of Fool's Luck and the Jim Mitchell series of novels (Chasing Deception, Undue Pressure, and Running). Dave was born in southern California and spent five years in journalism and public relations before becoming a teacher. In addition to working at several area colleges, he has taught high school English and social studies classes since 2005. Dave also has written a parenting book titled High School Declassified: An Insider's Guide to Helping Your Student Succeed.