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205. How to Be Better at Freelancing

My guest today is Rai Cornell. She has worked in  copywriting, content creation, and web development for 15 years, and now runs a successful marketing firm providing advice to a range of clients, large and solo. I asked her to be on the show to talk about the business of being a freelancer, especially as a writer or editor. And she came through, talking articulately from a base of solid knowledge, experience, and training about what a freelancer can do to improve their business.

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#73 – Erin Ollila: copywriting, SEO, and conversion

My guest on this episode is Erin Ollila. She calls herself a “Conversion copywriter. Copywriting coach. Word slinger. Wing woman.” She has over 15 years of publishing experience and (backed by an an MFA in Creative Writing), she creates and implements smart SEO website copy and strategic content campaigns. She also hosts her own podcast called Talk Copy to Me. Please listen.