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167. Even Social Media Require Manners, Right?

My guest is Kristin Johnson, who is a writer, screenwriter, and ghost writer. She is the author of the award-winning and award-nominated book, Ain’t “U” Got No Manners?, a great book about social media etiquette that’s both accessible and well researched. She was a joy to talk to, not only about this book, but about parts of the rest of her writing career as well.


Ain't "U" Got No Manners?

Kristin Johnson's Website

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96. Media, the State of the World, and Irreverence

My guest today is Natasha Mott. Natasha is many things. A neuroscientist, a writer, a host of two podcasts, Syllojism and NeoAcademia. She describes herself as an "ex-academic, former seller of science/biotech shill … now, depending on the day I might be  a podcaster, an educator, a scientist, a meme-r, a world builder, a creator, an organizer, a friend, a mother, a writer, a musician." You can find links to most of her work on the Theory Gang substack.