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209. Learning to Talk about the Words on the Page

My guest today is Susan Murphy. Susan has worked in broadcasting for over 40 years. A radio news director. A TV news reporter. And, as she says, a “‘weather girl’ back when they called them that.” She’s hosted a talk show and worked in production for both TV and radio. And much more. I asked her to be a guest on the show to talk about voice, in the literal sense of the sound you make with your mouth, and not, say, the voice of your book’s narrator. When you get that book published, you may want to be talking about it, on local television and radio, on podcasts, in interviews. Susan gives practical advice on how to talk in what she calls an “authentic voice.”


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208. I’m Sure I Can Finish This without Cleaning the House First, Right?

My guest today is Cathy Perez. Among many other accomplishments and abilities, Cathy is a Worldwide Certified KonMari Organizing Consultant. We talk about organization, in the sense of being organized, and how the lack of it can have a real effect on how you feel and on how productive you are able to be. She provides information based on her training as well as on personal and professional experiences. Writers? Editors? Anyone? Is the mess around you stopping you from doing what you want to get done?


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207. The Craft of Writing Children’s Books

My guest today is Tonya Ellis. She’s a children’s author who has independently sold over 150,000 books in her Sophie Washington chapter book series and recently signed a deal for a picture book with HarperCollins. I invited her on the show though to talk in more general terms about writing books for children, how a writer writes for their level without writing down to them, and how the whole thing differs from writing for adults.

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206. Editing Essentials 2: Why You Need an Editor

This is the second episode of the series called “Editing Essentials” that I am doing with my co-host, Jennia D’Lima. Jennia is a freelance editor based in Maryland. She and I will be having open conversations about a whole range of editing topics that a writer at any level should know about editors and the editing process. Our plan is to do two of these per month, and ultimately combine them into a website and webinar that we would offer to listeners. Today’s topic is “Why You Need an Editor,” episode 206 of the podcast.

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205. How to Be Better at Freelancing

My guest today is Rai Cornell. She has worked in  copywriting, content creation, and web development for 15 years, and now runs a successful marketing firm providing advice to a range of clients, large and solo. I asked her to be on the show to talk about the business of being a freelancer, especially as a writer or editor. And she came through, talking articulately from a base of solid knowledge, experience, and training about what a freelancer can do to improve their business.

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