Writing & Editing is a podcast about books and language, for people who write, edit, read, or listen.

The podcast, formerly twice a week, is now weekly. Episodes are generally conversations with guests who are experts or practitioners—or sometimes just the host(s) solo. All episodes are freely available in audio wherever you get podcasts. (Riverside and Buzzsprout have lists.) Episodes 1–192 are also available on YouTube.

The podcast was started by Wayne Jones on January 7, 2022; was co-hosted by Wayne and Jennia D’Lima from October 9 to December 15, 2023; and since then is hosted solo by Jennia.

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Apple ratings overall: 4.8 out of 5 in the U.S. ◘ 5.0 in Canada ◘ 5.0 in Australia ◘ 5.0 in Germany

Spotify ratings overall: 5 stars