Jennia and Wayne want to increase the number of episodes of the podcast that deal with a broad range of editing issues, and so we’ve created a series called “Editing Essentials.” Each episode features a conversation between us about some editing aspect or practice.

We’ve designed the series to be of use to writers at all levels wanting to develop a better understanding of what editing entails and of how editors can help you make your work the best it can be. It’s not just about commas and typos: it’s about the important role that editing plays in the writing and publishing process.

We will publish about ten episodes, two each month, about 25–35 minutes long. When they’re all finished, we plan to compile them into a webinar that we will offer to anyone interested in attending. (Wayne co-hosted with Jennia the first seven of these episodes.)

Some of the topics included in the project are:

  • why you need an editor
  • what an editor does
  • proofreading
  • how to find an editor
  • the publishing universe
  • the author’s voice

But that’s just a sip and a taste. We have much more for you, so stay tuned in and subscribed!