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135. Editing: Flow in Writing, Getting Clients, and Writing Social Media

My guest is Louise Harris, who is an editor and writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We focus on her editing work, including  blog posts and press releases, but also have an extended discussion about the importance of flow to the reader.

134. Indie-Publishing Books with Your Own Publisher Imprint

My guest is Colleen Tews, who is an author with a taste for writing about strong women who take strength even from their weaknesses. Colleen has established her own imprint, Delphian Hope Publishing, to publish her work and hopes that she can also some day publish others’ as well. Her novel Onyx is forthcoming in March. 

133. A New Method for Generating Ideas

My guest is Robin Landa, who holds the title of Distinguished Professor at Michael Graves College of Kean University in Union, New Jersey. She’s also a “creativity guru” who advocates for industry inclusion and equity, and provides scholarships for meritorious students or students in need. Robin’s expertise is in creative advertising, branding, graphic design, and social media. Her new book, just published in November, is called The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential. This is a followup conversation to episode 58 last summer, and again she was a joy to talk to and a font of knowledge. We talk about her new ideas framework, solving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and how to make the best-shaped pasta. 

132. Multimedia from a Gay Love Story to Editing to Slasher Movies

My guest is Harker Jones (no relation), who provides a witty self-bio, but of whom I can say more newscastery, so to speak, that he’s an artist who works and has worked in many different media for a few decades now. He published the Amazon #1-bestselling gay love story called Until September. Harker has also written many screenplays, and directed and produced several short thrillers that have played at film festivals and won awards. Somewhere in there he also was managing editor or Out magazine for 7 years. In my conversation, he was modest and self-effacing about his many achievements. And as for his self-bio, I liked this best: “He’s a member of both the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and Mensa, loves cats and carbs and would like to be a one-hit wonder but would settle for being killed in a slasher movie.”