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137. Memoir of a Female Doctor and Immigrant to Canada

My guest is Gigi Microys, who is now a retired family physician. She graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1963, and has held academic positions as teacher in the departments of family medicine. She has written and lectured about physician health, the medical marriage, and women in medicine. She published her memoir, A Journey Through Medicine: Memoirs of a Female Immigrant, in 2019. Gigi lives in Ottawa with her husband, a retired structural engineer. 

136. The Play and the Audiobook Are the Things

My guest is Alex Freeman, who is a theatre director who also does voicework. He has directed plays across the US and has voiced over 50 audiobooks. He’s done acting and teaching as well, and has an MFA in directing from Western Illinois University. We talk about how a director works with the playwright’s script and with the actors, how audiobooks are made, and the differences between directing theatre and directing film. 

135. Editing: Flow in Writing, Getting Clients, and Writing Social Media

My guest is Louise Harris, who is an editor and writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We focus on her editing work, including  blog posts and press releases, but also have an extended discussion about the importance of flow to the reader.

134. Indie-Publishing Books with Your Own Publisher Imprint

My guest is Colleen Tews, who is an author with a taste for writing about strong women who take strength even from their weaknesses. Colleen has established her own imprint, Delphian Hope Publishing, to publish her work and hopes that she can also some day publish others’ as well. Her novel Onyx is forthcoming in March.