Jennia D’Lima is a freelance editor in Maryland, United States. She is a highly experienced developmental and line editor and writing coach with a passion for the publishing industry. Jennia has a BA in psychology and an MA in applied developmental psychology, with well-honed writing, editing, and research skills. She’s worked at a national non-profit in downtown DC and as an assistant researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle, but gradually transitioned to full-time editing, working with multiple genres but with a soft spot for young and new adult fiction.

Picture of the Host Wayne Jone

Wayne Jones is a writer, editor, and podcaster in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. He’s published a memoir about personal minimalism (Less and Less); a mystery novel (The Killing Type); co-authored a bio of a standup (Greg Giraldo: A Comedian’s Story); and his book My Sam Johnson: A Biography for General Readers will be published on October 24, 2023. See his imprint, William & Park. Wayne has edited hundreds of texts in the whole range of length, genre, and style. Many more details here.

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