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179. Two Christians, One Atheist, and No Lyin’

My guests today are Susan Gabriel and Steven Eurioste. Susan runs a Christian publishing house with an eight-member team, including Steven. She’d contacted me about being a guest on the podcast, and I agreed as long as we could also talk about theism and atheism. She was amenable to that and brought along Steven as well. We don’t agree on much, but we have a good discussion.

Soul Sonshine

Susan Louise Gabriel

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81. God, Love, Sex, and Atheism

My guest on this episode is Miracle Sims. She’s a busy and creative person, but our discussion focused on religion generally, and on her podcast God, Sex, and Love. Miracle has published several books, including her very open memoir about single life as a Christian, The Cultivation Period: A Single Christian Journey. She has an associate’s degree in theatre from Gordon College, and in addition to being a writer, she is also an actor, singer, and songwriter. She was a genuine pleasure to talk to—smart, funny, and open—and we proved that a Christian and an atheist can in fact have a civilized conversation.