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213. In Fiction, Crime Can Pay and Be Funny, Too

hi, I’m Wayne Jones. Welcome to Writing & Editing, the podcast about books and language, for people who write, edit, read, or listen. My guest today is Tyler Schwanke, who’s a writer and filmmaker based in Minneapolis in the US. His debut novel Breaking In, which he calls a “comedic crime thriller,” was published earlier this year. In it, a young filmmaker uses her heist movie knowledge to pull off a real-life heist after a crooked Hollywood director steals her script. We talk about that, as well as about how he manages to write when he already has a full-time job, and also about the influence of film on his writing.

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140. The Writing and Everything Else of Films for Young People

My guest is actor Mollie Leivars, who is also the owner of Spirit Productions, a film production company she founded in 2019 when she was only 15 years old. Beyond making films centred on issues about youth, she gives online classes for young people wanting to learn various aspects of filmmaking and acting. 

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78. making and teaching film with Jesse Filipko

My guest on this episode is Jesse Filipko. He’s been teaching young people filmmaking for 15 years, and has produced podcasts for over a decade with shows about film, high school, and virtual reality. He is also one of the brothers on the excellent podcast The Brothers Dim, where there’s modesty and self-deprecation in the title, because the episodes are casual but intelligent discussions about film and many other things. He was a great guest on Editing Writing. Please listen.