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234. You Can Start It, Write It, and Finish It If …

On today’s episode Jennia D’Lima interviews Tim Vandehey about the book he’s co-written, Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don’t Finish What We Start. This is “You Can Start It, Write It, and Finish It If …,” episode 234 of the podcast.

Swipe Website

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186. This Is What I Mean by Literary Fiction

I’m solo today and this episode is a kind of prequel. I’m going to be interviewing the great American writer Lorrie Moore in a few weeks about her new novel, I Am Homeless If This Is Not My Home, due to be published later this month. I’ve been a lifelong fan of her work, and in this episode I will give an overview of her past works, and my views on what it is about her books and her style that makes her exceptional. The title of this episode is “This Is What I Mean by Literary Fiction,” number 186 of the podcast.

Loorie Moore’s Amazon Author Page

Lorrie Moore’s First Published Story in “Seventeen” Magazine (1977)
(scroll to page 92) 

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156. Bringing Literary Fiction to Readers

My guest is Frances Peck, who was an editor and ghostwriter for 30 years, but last year began her career as a novelist, with The Broken Places, published by NeWest Press. The novel received much praise and excellent reviews. Her second novel will be published later this year. We talk a little about ghostwriting, but mostly about her novel, how she engages with book clubs, and about literary fiction generally.

Frances Peck’s Site

NeWest Press

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88. Differences between Academic Writing and Fiction Writing for a New Novelist

My guest on this episode is Nancy K. Napier, who is Distinguished Professor Emerita at Boise State University. She has published widely on organizational creativity, innovation, and emerging economies over the years, with a special focus on Vietnam. In the last few years, she has received two of Vietnam’s top honors for foreigners, the Medal of Honor, for contributing to the advancement of education in the country, and the Medal of Friendship, for helping to build relationships between the U.S. and Vietnam. She’s now writing novels, and experiencing the joys and challenges of being a beginner again.