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204. On a Mission to Help Struggling and Reluctant Readers

My guest today is Danny Brassell. He’s a former inner-city school teacher in the US, and now does many things as a writer, coach, and speaker. But I’d asked him if we could focus on his efforts to increase the habit of reading by children. He was a pleasure to talk to: articulate, enthusiastic, and funny too.

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183. Worse Writing Is Harder to Get Through

Before I get to today’s conversation, I have an announcement about swag. In the next few weeks I will publish my 200th episode and I wanted to celebrate a little by giving thanks to you, the listeners. I started the show in January last year, and both listenership and downloads have increased steadily, which makes me very happy. And I’ve been very grateful for the nice things some of you have said in reviews. I don’t have hard-to-find first editions for you, or cold hard cash, but a mousepad inside a small cotton totebag, both with the show’s logo. Small tokens, yes, but my thanks are big. Just go to the contact form at and send me your mailing address, and I’ll send them to you (until they run out). Again: thank you.

So, for today’s episode …

My guest is Todd Brison, who describes himself as an “optimist who writes.” He's an Amazon best-selling author and award-winning ghostwriter. I met him on Substack, where he writes What Makes Great Writing? We had a great discussion about the importance and impact of the quality of writing in all sorts of media. This is “Worse Writing Is Harder to Get Through,” episode 183 of the podcast.


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80. Memoir, Storytelling, and Engaging the Audience

My guest for this episode is Mark W. Travis, a film and video director, and author of the #1 bestselling book Directing Feature Films as well as The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks. People call him the “director’s director,” because he has trained and guided directors, writers, and actors on how to bring their stories and characters to life. His focus is always on storytelling and characters, and he's able to read each artist, re-aligning them with their unconscious creative intentions, and so elevating their stories and performances. I was kind of blown away by my conversation with Mark. He is extremely knowledgeable and insightful about his craft, and my interview itself turned out to be a mini-lesson in film for me. Please have a listen to this outstanding practitioner and teacher.