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194. Prompting You to Keep a Journal

Before I start the show and the conversation with my guest, I want to let you know that I’m changing the frequency of the podcast from three episodes a week to two episodes a week. The main reason is that I am now in the process of working with the folks who are helping me edit and ultimately publish the book I’ve written. (It’s called My Sam Johnson, and I am aiming for publication in September. It’s a biography of the great 18th-century English writer Samuel Johnson, but with a difference: it’s written for general readers and not for scholars.) Once that’s done, I plan to start another book, and I just need a little more free time in my life to do all three of the pursuits that I’m passionate about in my life: podcasting, editing, and, yes, writing. So, there will be episodes on Monday and Thursday as usual, but not on Saturday, though I will devote the occasional episode to the English language and its words, as I used to do on my Saturday feature. So, please keep listening. It’s the same podcast, just a little slimmer than it used to be—just like its host, I’m happy to say!

My guest today is Jen Hardy. She was raised by an entrepreneur and started working in the family business at the age of 12. She’s now a writer who has published several books, and is also a longtime blogger. Jen is also the host of two podcasts, “Fabulous Over 50” and “Medical Gaslighting.” I asked her to join me on my podcast to talk about journaling, and the books she has published to encourage and guide people in the practice.
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171. Nutritious Love

My guest today is Nancy Perpall, who is a former nurse as well as a former attorney who used to practice family law. She saw a lot of people from broad and diverse backgrounds experience the same despair when going through divorce. Last year she published a novel with characters looking for a life partner. Now she’s turned to non-fiction, and will soon be releasing her new book, The Malnourished Marriage: 5 Essential Emotional Nutrients for a Healthy Relationship. The book is not full of dull text and statistics: it is practical advice for those who want to know how to get the love and connection back that they once felt with their life partner. This is “Nutritious Love,” episode 171 of the podcast. Please listen.

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