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156. Bringing Literary Fiction to Readers

My guest is Frances Peck, who was an editor and ghostwriter for 30 years, but last year began her career as a novelist, with The Broken Places, published by NeWest Press. The novel received much praise and excellent reviews. Her second novel will be published later this year. We talk a little about ghostwriting, but mostly about her novel, how she engages with book clubs, and about literary fiction generally.

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153. Why Do Even Librarians and Executives Like Murder So Much?

My guest is Joe LeValley, who is a former executive as well as a former journalist, but is now an award-winning writer of mystery/thriller novels. He has published five in the last five years, starting with Burying the Lede in 2018 and very recently with The Sophocles Rule, which was published earlier this month. We talk about the appeal of novels about murder in general, as well as the development and changes he has consciously made in the character of his narrator, Tony Harrington. Joe lives in Dallas County, Iowa.

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141. How to Stay Busy: Writing, Coaching, Getting Unstuck, and World Peace

Before I introduce today’s guest, I wanted to talk briefly about a new feeature—and a new episode—that I’m adding weekly to the show. I’m calling it “One More Word,” and it will be just me talking about an English word. It could be a word in the news, it could be some new jargon, it could be a word you’ve used for years but which has an interesting history. The episode will be short (5 minutes or so) and I hope you’ll find it interesting. The premiere episode is this Saturday, February 18. Please listen.

So for today’s show … This is episode 141 — How to Stay Busy: Writing, Coaching, Getting Others Unstuck, and World Peace.

My guest is Murielle Marie, who has over 20 years experience in business, most recently as a thriving international career in coaching and helping creatives and entrepreneurs get unstuck. She’s got a large social media following, and in the midst of everything she is also writing a thriller.