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141. How to Stay Busy: Writing, Coaching, Getting Unstuck, and World Peace

Before I introduce today’s guest, I wanted to talk briefly about a new feeature—and a new episode—that I’m adding weekly to the show. I’m calling it “One More Word,” and it will be just me talking about an English word. It could be a word in the news, it could be some new jargon, it could be a word you’ve used for years but which has an interesting history. The episode will be short (5 minutes or so) and I hope you’ll find it interesting. The premiere episode is this Saturday, February 18. Please listen.

So for today’s show … This is episode 141 — How to Stay Busy: Writing, Coaching, Getting Others Unstuck, and World Peace.

My guest is Murielle Marie, who has over 20 years experience in business, most recently as a thriving international career in coaching and helping creatives and entrepreneurs get unstuck. She’s got a large social media following, and in the midst of everything she is also writing a thriller.