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219. Editing Essentials 4: Editing and the Author’s Voice

My co-host for the series on Editing Essentials, the great Jennia D’Lima, is back for another episode. Our topic is the author’s voice and we talk about the care and attention that an editor has to devote in order to recognize it and (mostly) not interfere with it. In both fiction and non-fiction.

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209. Learning to Talk about the Words on the Page

My guest today is Susan Murphy. Susan has worked in broadcasting for over 40 years. A radio news director. A TV news reporter. And, as she says, a “‘weather girl’ back when they called them that.” She’s hosted a talk show and worked in production for both TV and radio. And much more. I asked her to be a guest on the show to talk about voice, in the literal sense of the sound you make with your mouth, and not, say, the voice of your book’s narrator. When you get that book published, you may want to be talking about it, on local television and radio, on podcasts, in interviews. Susan gives practical advice on how to talk in what she calls an “authentic voice.”


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