Before I get started with the interview with my guest today, I have a happy announcement to make … Jennia D’Lima, whom you’ve heard as an occasional co-host on the show, is now becoming my permanent co-host. I’m really thrilled. She’s smart and funny, has deep experience in editing and publishing, and frankly is also a joy to work with. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but sometimes you’ll hear me, sometimes Jennia, and sometimes both of us. She’s a freelance editor based in Maryland: you can see a link to her website in the show notes. I’m excited to be starting this new phase of the podcast. Speaking of which …

My guest today is Meghan Sheriff. She’s an experienced teacher, academic, and educational consultant, and passionate about helping students, parents and schools manage post-pandemic academics. We talk about issues broadly but also focus on writing specifically, how it’s changed and how it continues to be an important skill for students.

Meghan’s Website

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