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236. Writing and Teaching and Learning about the World

My guest on today’s episode is Leigh Shulman, who writes and who teaches writing. She’s also led an interesting life, part of it instigated by 9/11, after which she left the US with her family and travelled.

Leigh's Website

Leigh's Course

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221. The Path of a Mystery Writer and Teacher

My guest today is Liz Mugavero. Her writing career, and finding her creative niche, have been interesting. She wrote from an early age, studied writing at college, and ultimately wrote a mystery novel. But somewhere along the path of trying to get it published, she lost her “mojo,” as she puts it. It took her years to get it back, but now she writes several mystery series, some under her own name and some under the name Cate Conte. The cosy mystery is her specialty, but I also talk to her about a course she is developing for aspiring mystery writers. Again, as she puts it, “helping other writers fulfill their creative dreams with a touch of woo woo.”

Liz as Cate Conte

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173. Teaching Elementary School Students How to Write

Have you ever wondered how kids in elementary school are taught how to write these days? Do they learn the ins and outs of grammar, or do they learn writing through practising? My guest today is directly involved in teaching this important skill as a full-time teacher in rural Vermont. Samantha Bovat is a writing practitioner as well, with a blog called The Life of a Teacher and a book that was published just last year: The Little Kids: Lessons Learned from Our Perspectives.

Book: The Little Kids,


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78. making and teaching film with Jesse Filipko

My guest on this episode is Jesse Filipko. He’s been teaching young people filmmaking for 15 years, and has produced podcasts for over a decade with shows about film, high school, and virtual reality. He is also one of the brothers on the excellent podcast The Brothers Dim, where there’s modesty and self-deprecation in the title, because the episodes are casual but intelligent discussions about film and many other things. He was a great guest on Editing Writing. Please listen.

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#69: running and teaching creative writing

Nita Sweeney is the award-winning wellness author of the running and mental health memoir, Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink. She has written other books since, but is also a certified meditation leader, mental health advocate, and ultramarathoner. Nita founded Mind, Mood, and Movement to support well-being through meditation, exercise, and writing practice, and another group called The Writer’s Mind, to share writing practices in order to produce publishable work. She lives in central Ohio with her husband, Ed, and their yellow Labrador retriever, Scarlet. She was a really informed guest, and exuded a feeling of calm and content. Please have a listen to our conversation.